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Ticket Search and Filters

Tickets can be search and filter in multiple ways. Apart from convenient shortcuts that cater to an individual technician, the broader search criteria has excellent features that extends the functionality.

Table of contents

  1. Ticket Search
  2. Ticket Filters
  3. Advanced Filters

Ticket Search

Search box is provided for a thorough search including the following.

Ticket Filters

Individual technician can search and filter tickets based on their following specific criteria.

  • All My Groups
  • My Open or Unassigned
  • My Open Tickets
  • My Tickets on Hold
  • My Overdue Tickets
  • My Pending Tickets
  • My Tickets Due Today
  • My Escalated Tickets
  • My Completed Tickets
  • All My Tickets
  • All Tickets
  • Unassigned Tickets

Individual technician can also search tickets where they have tasks assigned to them.

  • My Open Tasks
  • My Completed Tasks

Ticket Filter By

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters provides a dedicated search and filter with very specific details. This helps the user to narrow down the search criteria to maximum limits.

Ticket Advanced Filters

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