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Change Creation

Table of contents

  1. Create Change
    1. Mandatory Ticket Fields
      1. Optional Ticket Fields
    2. Mandatory Change Fields
      1. Optional Change Fields
  2. Convert Ticket to Change

Create Change

Create Change Button

In the Change Management section, click on the Plus [+ CREATE CHANGE] button to create a new change request. A dialog will appear with mandatory and optional fields.

Create Change

Items that are mandatory to create a ticket are also mandatory to create a change. Additionally, the following fields are mandatory to create a change. They are also marked by a star.

Mandatory Ticket Fields

  1. [Subject] Write the Ticket subject for that change.
  2. [Description] Write the Ticket Description for that change.
  3. [Status] Choose a Ticket Status before creating a change.
  4. [Level] Select from the Ticket Tier Level.
  5. [Site] Select the Site from the defined sites.
  6. [Priority] Select priority from the defined change priorities.
  7. [Category] Select category from the defined categories.

Optional Ticket Fields

  1. [Sub-Category] Select sub-category of the main category from the defined sub-categories.
  2. [Item] Select item from the defined items that are associated to the sub-category.

Mandatory Change Fields

  1. [Reason for Change] Select the reason for change from the defined reasons.
  2. [Change Requester] Select the requester which are connected from your requester list.
  3. [Workflow] Select workflow from the defined workflows.
  4. [Change Owner] Select a technician as change owner.
  5. [Change Manager] Select a technician as change owner.
  6. [Change Stage] Select a change stage from the defined stages of a change.
  7. [Stage Status] Select a stage status from the defined stage status.
  8. [Stage Status Comments] Write the reason you chose the stage status.

Optional Change Fields

  1. [Change Type] Select change type from the defined change types.
  2. [Change Urgency] Select from the Change Urgency.
  3. [Change Impact] Select from the defined change impact options.
  4. [Risk] Select from the defined change risk options.
  5. [Schedule Start] Define the time when the change is scheduled to start.
  6. [Schedule End] Define the time when the change is scheduled to end.
  7. [Services Affected] Select the service(s) that are going to get affected during the change.

Click on Submit and the Change will be created.

Convert Ticket to Change

A request to create the change can be initiated from the Ticket Details Page.

Convert Ticket to Change

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