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TIKTING is the Best Helpdesk & Change Management System by ITDEVTECH Inc. It is focused on speed and reliability, easy to pick up and integrate with the corporate environment.

It is mainly consists of two main sections

  • Ticket Management
  • Change Management

Ticket Management

Tickets can be automatically or manually created and assigned to any user. Individual tickets can have multiple conversations, assignable tasks, work-logs, notes, attachments. Tickets can be configured to have different escalation levels, priorities and several other properties.

The first and the foremost challenge of any organisation is to track a conversation with all of its related incidents, correspondence, tasks and agreements. TIKTING displays summary to every nitty-gritty details of a ticket in a sophisticated view.

Individual Tickets can have assignable tasks to efficiently break down a complicated job. It makes the internal team management more effective.

Every ticket holds worklogs that can be easily automatically / manually recorded and the Ticket History provides a forensic report of all the events that ever happened to a conversation, tasks or any other status change. It provides all that details in a human readable form.

Despite having enormous features, TIKTING® is having a very intuitive and less cluttered design. All the features are well placed to be easily accessible for everyone for everyday use.

TIKTING seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Active Directory. It fetches all the users and provides a sophisticated view to make them registered support staff or support manager. It also manages the staff in groups and assigns roles accordingly. The flawless design pattern makes it so easily manageable that it looks like using a simple app.

Several escalation levels are provided to match any company’s hierarchical structure so the higher management can focus on top tier incidents. All essential incidents can be configured to send emails accordingly.

The time bound SLA helps to escalate the ticket to the next level. Configure multiple SLAs to timely resolve the tickets.

Change Management

TIKTING offers a complete solution to change management that streamlines CAB (Change Advisory Board) collaboration and controls the entire lifecycle of all changes to mitigate IT risks. The main benefit of this module is to standardize methods & processes to enable efficient handling of all requested changes.

Configure change types, roles, statuses and templates to manage your change cycle easily. Log changes from incidents and problems and track them at every step of the cycle. Configure automated workflows and notifications to improve visibility and communication for IT and business stakeholders.

Easy to use and intuitive interface makes it a pleasure to configure the software, from scheduling holidays, mail templates, priorities, notifications all in one place.

The dashboard presents the summary of open, unassigned, and SLA violated tickets in graphical view. Printable reports can be scheduled to email on daily, weekly, monthly or based on a customised criteria.

The companion mobile app securely authenticates with the installed instance and can be used on the go.

TIKTING ® is made by ITDEVTECH ® (

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