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Ticket Creation

Table of contents

  1. Automatic Ticket Creation
  2. Manual Ticket Creation
    1. Mandatory Fields
    2. Optional Fields

Automatic Ticket Creation

Send an email to the specified email address to create the ticket. To find out the specified email address, please contact your System Administrator.

Manual Ticket Creation

In the Tickets section, click on the Plus [+] icon to create a new ticket.

Mandatory Fields

Marked by the star, the following fields are mandatory to create a ticket.

  1. [Requester] Select the requester which are connected from your requester list.
  2. [Status] Choose the appropriate status, priority, category, level, site and assign it from the list of technicians.
  3. [Subject] Subject is a one line description that will appear in the list ticket page.
  4. [Details] All the details of the problem addressing the ticket shall be mentioned here.

Optional Fields

Optionally, you can provide additional information e.g. Sub-Category, Group and Attachements (The attachment has a file size limit of 10MB).

Fields for Creating Ticket

Click on Submit and the ticket will be created.

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